Star trek fans dating the options backdating

Winston was also a co-writer of the classic 1975 text Star Trek Lives!

where she wrote about her visit to the Star Trek set during the filming of the episode "Turnabout Intruder." Winston also wrote fan fiction and edited a fanzine, Number One, all about William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The reactions, which can be seen below, feature an appropriately sassy Zendaya question the dating reports before Holland asks if their recent press tour somehow turned into an odd courtship request.

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Still, the jetlag would be pretty hard to deal with on a romantic rendevous.Spider-Man may be a friendly neighborhood hero, but fans started thinking the Queens native may also have some slick moves earlier today.A report from People Magazine had fans baffled as it claimed Tom Holland and Zendaya have been dating since filming got underway on Taking to Twitter, Holland and Zendaya used social media to poke fun at People’s report about their supposed love life.Joan Winston’s contributions to Star Trek fandom are legendary.She was one of the organizers (aka "|The Committee") of the original Star Trek conventions during the 1970s, the story of which is chronicled in her 1977 book The Making of the Trek Conventions.

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