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Black men historically suffered false rape accusations, while sexual violence against black women was ignored and went unpunished.

In this talk, I will use the story of Till and Bryant to illustrate what an intersectional approach to supporting women of color survivors of sexual assault—one that goes beyond white empathy to real solidarity—might look like.

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This post isn’t really even for you, because any attempt to change your behavior will do nothing to change your belief.

I was coming up with ideas to pitch to a production company a million years ago (this isn’t hyperbole; I am VERY old) and just wrote down “Neurotica”; then it just sort of appeared fully formed. Oh it’s an over-the-top romantic comedy about a Dominatrix with OCD, of course.” And that just happened to hit the buttons of everything I’m fascinated by.

Jenny: If you had never seen a mouth before and I was like “it’s a wet flesh cave with sharp parts that lives in your face”, it would sound like Cronenberg-ian body horror. I’m kind of rooting for the singularity, I’d feel way better if I was just a consciousness in a cloud.

It is an issue that the defense must raise at trial.

However, I would recommend you consult with your attorney before choosing any course of conduct.

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