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Sunny beaches, plush rain-forests, exotic wildlife and a few active volcanoes give you plenty of options for an exciting escape.But no adventure could be more memorable and rewarding than A Foreign Affair's unforgettable Romance Tour to San Jose!Are you looking to rent a Limousine, Private Jet or Yacht? Enjoy a relaxing & erotic massage with one of our beautiful girls.As well as a first-class, customised service, you and your guests will be provided with an experienced, reliable and multi-lingual chauffeur for use around the clock. Experience how to awaken your body to new possibilities.Our travel team has 15 years of experience in building inshore, offshore, fly fishing and adventure vacations in Costa Rica.

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We can also book your "girl friendly" hotel and provide guided tours for you.

These connections often cost as much as a regular tour, around to 0, plus for the connection, making them about as expensive as a shuttle or renting a car, plus it gives you more time to enjoy your vacation.

Our escort company gives a very discreet and exclusive service.

Another common tour connection involves mountain biking around Lake Arenal to a boat that takes you across the lake where a van picks you up and transports you to Monteverde.

Other tour connections involve horseback riding, whitewater rafting, hiking and more.

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