Updating multiple tables in mssql

SQL Server 2008 introduced partition table parallelism for better performance and for better resource utilization (of modern multi-processors hardware).

With SQL Server 2012, we are now allowed to even create up to a 15K partition on a single table.

With the introduction of the MERGE statement with SQL Server 2008 you can perform either an INSERT or UPDATE statement using a single MERGE statement.

Being able to use the MERGE statement to perform inserts or updates to a table makes it easier to code your UPSERT logic in TSQL.

Check your file:; Use NT authentication when connecting to the servermssql.secure_connection = On If you have secure_connection = On, make sure that you provide valid credentials in the properties for Apache service in the System Services box.

Then you should not send DB username and password from your script to MSSQL Server.

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to use My SQL INSERT statement to insert data into the database tables.

Not only does the MERGE statement support the UPSERT concept, but it will also support deleting records.If you want to use specific credentials from a PHP script, then set mssql.secure_connection = Off in your Cent OS - Remote SQL server connection$link = mssql_connect(72xxx.xxx, username, password); If you are not getting success, please check There is certainly a php-mssql package available in the extras repository so just a `yum install php-mssql` should sort that out - it pulls in freetds as a dependency too.If you already have those installed but it doesn't seem to be connecting, the one possibility is that you are being blocked by SELinux.You can later on check the log file for information.Since My SQL and Maria DB are almost identical our converter will work flawlessly for Maria DB database alos Provides a command line interface also to run migration jobs manually so that it can be easily integrated with your own application. It provides a user friendly interface to manage repository, such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup.

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