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@Plenty Of Fish is helping Spruce, the penguin find his mate for life by setting up his own dating profile A6w Fjbu7 @vanaqua Mzc GTD7 — Kate Mac Lean (@kate_maclean) May 23, 2017 Spruce, a 1-year-old Humboldt penguin, is looking for love on dating app Plenty of Fish.The young bird didn’t hit it off romantically with the 13 other penguins at his home at Weymouth Sea Life Centre in England, so with the help of his zookeepers, he crafted a witty dating profile.It was meant to be safe for kids, with an aggressive swear word filter and moderators who swooped in at every altercation.But as many players got older, the moderators' swift backlash to players who toed the game's rules became a ripe target for trolling. Over time I created another penguin named Hermione708. Finally in 2008 I created a new penguin named Sk8tergrl483 and I finally got a membership.You can use the feedback page to contact us for our direct e-mail address. Since that question was easy to answer here's a bonus question for your enjoyment from Yes...Then answer a lot of user's questions and I will see if you update. People on CP are usualy ages 6 - 12 ( I'm an odd ball at 13 XD), and I don't think they should be sending hearts to eachother...

From the launch announcement: maintains a strong commitment to providing a secure environment for kids, with a new safety moderation system that includes a chat filter.

: D CP is abut having fun with friends, playing game, missions, helping out CP, and just being fun and expressing yourself!

That's how I play CP :) Ok now that the contest is over, Club Penguin Land Question Corner is being back on schedule.

"I'm sorry that i haven't been coming on lately, on here and clubpenguin. Here's my question ; do you only have one penguin, and if you DON'T have more than one penguin, do you think people should have more than one penguin, or do you think it's just a waste of time? Honestly sometimes it's cool to have more than one penguin, like if you are famous, you can have another one so you can go and get the cheats! Please use email to send your picture and description.

I honestly think that is is a waste of time because I never use my other 2 penguins. Send a picture of your penguin with a user name, and give a brief description of why you want to be a CPL Agent.

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