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Not exactly the same, but feels related: Sometimes saving a js-file doesn't trigger the livereload. Sorry for the lack of details, but happens every now and then and I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.

IMHO this is the biggest impedance to a smooth development experience with Create React App.

If this fixes it, and I think it will because I've seen dozens of issues in WDS because of this, I'd suggest to very clearly document this somewhere in CRA :).

@ippa, apparently some dude renamed the whole wiki page for webpack-dev-server to "react-hot", causing some weird issues :(. @gaearon haha see your comment just popping up, see above ;p. I was facing something similar and I had to increase the the max_users_watches In my case it seems like global [email protected] installation caused create-react-app webpack watcher issues: it didn't see any file changes.

You guys have done such an amazing job thus far, if you could just get this and css preprocessors working you will have nailed it! This could be related to the "safe write" feature some editors use.

See "Working with editors/IDEs supporting safe write" from the webpack-dev-server docs.

Changes like signature changes or removing/added interface members trigger reanalysis of a huge number of (sometimes completely unaffected) files often taking ~15 seconds, sometimes up to ~1 minute.

I'm working in an application with lots of nested directories and files. On windows 10, latest CRA, editing with vim in gitbash. In fact I have a very simple project with no nested directories and the rebuilding/reloading is spotty at best.

Sometimes, after I modify and save the file, it simply... It will just stop rebuilding and hot-reloading so I am continuously having to stop the process and start it all over again.

Could you please provide more details - which folders you have open in IDEA, files of which packages you change, example of a change, what you see.

If you see that unrelated files are analyzed, also please provide examples.

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