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At the end of the 9th century another Bulgarian alphabet was created the Cyrillic alphabet, which later was spread beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria. In 862, Saints Cyril and Methodius created the first Slavic alphabet the Glagolitsa.Rugged, wild and dramatic the Rila and Pirin mountains of Bulgaria have some of the most breath taking and remote mountain scenery in Europe.With a wonderful mix of Greek and Ottoman influences, this fascinating country manages to combine jaw-dropping trekking with wonderful hospitality.I am fond of bulgur wheat and often cook it with lots of veggies and season it with fresh herbs. It turns out to be too sticky when completely cooked.I want to cook bulgur wheat but at the same time keep it moist and dry. When you refer to cooking Bulgur wheat, do you boil it in a pot of water? One time, on bad advice, I bought "cracked wheat" which is, I gather now from Wikipedia, not the same, even though some people think the two are identical.

This wonderful location is a highlight of the holiday as we stay in a remote mountain refuge, surrounded by amazing scenery.Preface Last Updated: 12/2/2003 AM The Bulgarian lands are at an historic crossroads that to this day preserve evidence of many ancient civilizations and peoples: bronze and iron spears and arrows, ruins of classical temples, palaces, and cities, wise words carved on rocks and stone columns or written on parchment and leather. The Cyrillic script is still used in Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, and other Slavic nations.In the mid-17th century, early Slavic tribes came from the north, crossing the Danube River and reaching as far as the Black Sea and the Adriatic. In 865, under the reign of Prince Boris I, the Bulgarians converted to Orthodox Christianity, which consolidated the country.It supposedly favoured economy brands that would have to increase their unit prices to a lesser extent compared to premium brands in order to adjust to the new excise duties.Barley contains gluten and is frequently used to make malt.

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