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DEGEROLAMO, FULPER and MCVEY (running as a team) Danielle L.

The full fee for the time opposite the classification of § 207-10 of this chapter shall be paid for each license granted to any person or persons or vehicle under that classification, and no prorate reduction in the fee shall be made nor shall a refund be made because of cessation of business after such license shall have been issued. -1.2, as a condition of issuance or renewal of a license, all delinquent property taxes or assessments on the property must be paid. Any person who is a duly authorized agent, privileged under the laws of interstate commerce to take orders without payment or part payment for goods to be delivered in interstate commerce subsequent thereto and paid for through the usual office methods; provided, however, that such person shall register as hereinafter provided.

And of course, there can be threats around any corner — on a list or otherwise.

With 10 candidates between two parties, Phillipsburg is Warren County's most crowded municipal contest for New Jersey's primary election on Tuesday.

People on the lowest tier, not included in the registry, are generally those who haven’t been violent, didn’t have substantial criminal activities are are judged to pose a low risk to the community.

In fact, our own Bill Spadea and Dennis Malloy said last year they don’t think lists like these are a very good idea at all (our hosts are free to express their own opinions, which may or may not agree with one another).

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