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And since schools are separate for girls and boys, the opportunity to meet one another is rare.Also, girls also have a 7pm curfew, while boys have to be in by 11pm.For centuries, it was the tradition in Roma communities that if you manage to forcefully kidnap a girl and detain her for three days, she automatically becomes your wife.This may be self-explanatory, but in most modern societies this isn’t really acceptable (at least butter 'em up and take them on a few dates before you put a bag over their head).From armpit apples to severed heads, these dating traditions will blow your mind. By that, I don't just mean some people prefer movies to picnics — these strange dating practices from all over the world serve as a reminder that while it may be a small world, it's filled with very diverse people.

Looking for love but struggling to negotiate the cultural norms for striking up a conversation with that local babe at the bar?

One of the most intriguing elements of any society is their dating practices and the way gender roles are defined and played out.

While casual dating is mainly a Western invention, some countries in the East have adopted some form of dating.

If their parents are supportive, Indians may choose to marry for love.

Dating is not commonplace however, except for in larger cities like Mumbai.

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